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Lesbian Sex In A Bar - Part 1

Part 1 - Lesbian Lust

Rita looked across the bar at Anna. It was the first time she had clapped eyes on her, and Rita was hit by instant lust. Most straight people, and a fair quantity of lesbians, think that a lesbian can identify another lesbian at a glance. Rita did not believe this. Or at least she realized that if this power did exist, the gene had missed her out. Of course, some women made it obvious that they were lesbians, and Rita could spot them. But very few women conformed to a recognizable stereotype. However, the woman that Rita was looking at (she did not yet know her name was Anna) was eyeing up other women in the bar and ignoring the men. It was obvious to anyone with eyes that she was a lesbian. It was also obvious to anyone with eyes that she was gorgeous. And Rita wanted her.

Who is this beautiful Anna?

Anna had only recently arrived in Britain. She was born in Northern Europe, in an area of high unemployment, low wages, and plenty of poverty. In the twenty years since her birth, Anna had had more than her share of poverty. But that was not the reason she had left her home country for foreign shores. Anna was a lesbian, and in her town (in fact in her entire country) this was severely frowned upon. When people found out about her sexual orientation, her friends ignored her, strangers glared at her, and sometimes people even spat on her. The loss of friends Anna could put up with (just) by telling herself that if they ignored her because of this, they were not true friends. Being glared at was no problem. Being spat on by strangers was the worst, but it rarely happened, and she could put up with that too. But her biggest, and insurmountable, the problem was that no other woman wanted to go through the same thing. So, if there were other lesbians in the area, they kept very quiet. This meant Anna would never find a lover, let alone a partner, and defiantly never enjoy real lesbian sex. She had three choices. Either she pretended she was straight, found a boyfriend, and got married, or remain a virgin and die alone, or she could leave home, leave the country, and set up a new life abroad.

Ana's arrival in London

Her chance to escape came when her country finally joined the European Union. This meant (by law) all other member countries were obliged to allow her to move there, and even work in that country, as though she was a citizen of that country. She chose England for her new life and decided on London. She picked this for two reasons. Firstly, she knew that London had a much better standard of living than her own country, and salaries were a lot higher (although she did not fall for the old legend that 'London streets were paved with gold). Secondly, she believed that London had a very liberal view on homosexuality and that they accepted lesbians happily (not entirely true, London has its share of anti-gay bigots, but it is a lot more liberal than some European countries, and compared with Anna's home country it was paradise).

Anna starts working at the bar

On arriving in London, Anna was lucky. It did not take her long to find work. And best of all, the landlord of the bar she got the job at, rented her a room to live in behind the bar at a low rent, because he felt that having someone 'live in' was good security. (the bar had a flat over the top, but that had been separated from the bar and let out years previously). The room had originally been a storeroom. The Bar had a large cellar, so a ground-floor storeroom was not needed. The landlord fitted it out as a bedsit and built a small bathroom in the bar's cellar for her to use. It was primitive, but Anna was used to primitive. And for 'cheap', she could put up with 'primitive'. Plus, you could not get accommodation closer to work than a room that opened directly out behind the bar.

Working in the bar, Anna found that she could safely 'eye up' the customers. Women rarely complained when she 'looked them over. But so far she had not found a permanent partner. She had had a few 'lesbian encounters', and she was no longer a 'lesbian virgin', but true love still escaped her.

Rita's lesbian desires towards Anna

Rita was not in love with Anna. She had only just seen her, She did not even know her name yet. But she was in lust with her. A deep lesbian lust burned in her sexual organs and made her desperately desire lesbian sex with a beauty. Eventually, Rita bucked up the courage to make her move. Wait for Part 2 for the hot Lesbian story between Rita and Anna and be notified instantly via X4TUBE twitter.

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